John Teaches Magic!

John's DVD teaches his 2 best standup routines for you. And closeup bonus material is also included! Videos below highlight both genres.

Standup Closeup

More Info:

The 2 standup routines taught are John's 3 Ball routine and his rope routine.

The 3 ball routine is a masterpiece of sleight of hand.

John's rope routine always closes his stage shows! It is that good!


You get 2 of John's standup routines plus 2 of his best closeup effects.

MVP is closeup magic from the bonus material.

John's version of ring and rubber band is taught in the bonus material.


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This DVD is usually $30!

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Sale Price $25

How to Order:

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Send John an email listing the items you want to order, plus your shipping address.

John will respond with shipping charges to your address and any additional information you might need.

Orders are funded by US bank checks or US Postal money orders. Foreign orders need to have a US friend they can use to handle the payments for them.