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Magic: For over 65 years John Rogers has studied the art of magic.

Sleight of Hand Demo

Winston Freer Tiles

Winston Freer Tiles

Tiles are Corian, the frame is a hardwood. No sleight of hand is used. Tiles Video

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Wooden Rods


These wooden rods perform sleights better than real cigarettes even though they are the exact same size.
Rods Video

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John teaches Magic!


John's DVD teaches his 2 best standup routines for you, plus bonus materials.
2 Videos: 3 Ball bonus MVP

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The Box

trustometer by John Rogers

You light the bulb, they FAIL!
No remote controls.

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The Box

YOU light the bulb with one try. Hand the Box to them and offer $100 if they can light the bulb on the first try. You can do it, but they can't!

The Box is sealed to hide the secret.

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