Magic! Magic! Magic!

For over 65 years John Rogers has studied the art of magic!

Now John offers a limited number of magic tricks for sale here.

Winston Freer Tiles

Winston Freer Tiles

Tiles are Corian, the frame is a hardwood. No sleight of hand is used. Rated dead easy! Watch John perform the Tiles Video

Price $399

John's Trustometer

trustometer by John Rogers

They choose, you control! You light the bulb, they fail. No remote controls!
Trustometer Video

Price $99

Lucky Scam Cards

lucky scam

Lucky Scam uses 7 business cards, 4 have $100 bills on the back, 3 have $1 bills on the back. They shuffle, you spell their answers to 4 questions dealing one card for each letter in their answers. Odds favor the $100 win! But it is a scam!
Price $19

Wooden Rods


These wooden rods are the exact same size as real cigarettes. They perform sleights better than soft cigarettes. Rods Video

Price $15

John teaches Magic!


John's DVD teaches his 2 best standup routines for you, plus bonus materials.

3 Ball Video bonus MVP Video

Sale Price $20

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