Winston Freer Tiles

Winston Freer Tiles

It seems like real magic! No sleight of hand is used.

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Just in case you did not watch the video, John rearranges the 10 pieces and removes one piece but the same 63 squares remains!

He does it again and still counts 63 squares!

For the third time John removes a piece and rearranges the others and counts 63 squares again!

And the 7 pieces fill the frame again just like at the start!


Tiles are made from Corian, which is a kitchen counter material, so you know it is tough!

The frame is made with a hardwood. This effect should last a lifetime or longer!


Winston Freer has passed into that great mystery in the sky now, but he gets all the credit for this ingenious effect.

John created the patter used in the video and is honored that the Freer family allows him to make this available to the magic fraternity.


It is unknown how long John will offer this item. Get one while you can!

Price $399

How to Order:

Ordering Info:

Send John an email listing the items you want to order, plus your shipping address.

John will respond with shipping charges to your address and any additional information you might need.

Orders are funded by US bank checks or US Postal money orders. Foreign orders need to have a USA friend they can use to handle the payments for them.