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You light the bulb, they FAIL!
No remote controls.Box Video

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John uses the box with 3 different routines. His favorite is to offer $100 to viewers if they can light the bulb on their first try. He demonstrates that one button lights the bulb and the other 2 do not light the bulb. As he hands the box out to the prospective winner of the $100, he smiles and reminds them they can push any button they want.


The problem for them is simple. Do I trust him and push the button he showed me? Or do I push one of the other 2 buttons, which might now work? They don't know that John is in control and they can't win!


The reason they can't win is simple. The box will not allow it! Some might think a remote control is involved. Nope that is not it. The secret is inside the box and the box is sealed so no clue can be found by inspecting the box.


If they chose the button John used, a laugh is in store. When the bulb doesn't light for them, John says, "I lied, that button no longer works!" John turns to another person and offers them the same $100 if they are successful. But now a different button is shown to be the one that lights the bulb, making it more confusing to viewers.


John explains that they didn't win because he controls which button works by thought control. I will demonstrate for you. Think of a button you want to light the bulb. Which button are you thinking about? The middle one. Okay I will control that button and make it light the bulb while the other 2 do not. Sure enough the outer buttons do not light the bulb and the middle one does! That is routine number 2.


John offers to let one of the viewers use their mental powers to control the box. He has them hold the box on the top of their heads and think of a button. He says, "Your thoughts will turn off the button you are thinking about". Next they bring the box down and push the switch they were thinking about. Sure enough that button did not light the bulb. They repeat the process, and the second thought of button also does not light the bulb. The 3rd button is pushed and sure enough it lights the bulb!


Yes the box is very versatile in performing 3 different routines. But the best part is John hand creates them. He solders all electrical connections so they never come lose and uses high quality push switches that should last a lifetime. And the wood is hardwood that survives rough handling. Quality work!

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