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Artificial Intelligence
(AI for short)

Humans can only think of one thing at a time, but AI can handle trillions of tasks at the same time!

More Info:

AI powers driverless cars!
AI powers pilotless planes!
AI powers voice recognition!
AI powers ALEXA and SIRI!
AI powers amazing magic!

Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic!"


AI Demonstration

Any deck can be used.

Spectators thoroughly shuffle!
They turn some of their cards face up and leave some face down.

A website reveals which cards are face down!


You can name the cards!

John created the smartphone ending to save you memorizing the deck!

But his patter for naming the face down cards is super strong! It is your choice to let the smartphone name the cards or you can do it!


Can be Repeated!

The effect can be repeated with different cards being revealed!

The smartphone or laptop computer reveals the cards!


AI uses No Sleight of hand!

AI is John's Best Magical Presentation Ever!

AI is so convincing folks will think you are gifted!

A webpage on your smartphone reveals the cards!


There is MORE!

A Royal Flush is hidden in one of the two groups and you take it and offer the other group to a spectator. Tell him to make his best poker hand out of his cards. Offer $100 to the winning poker hand. Hee Hee!

No way he can beat your Royal Flush!


send John an email to let him know you are interested.

John will respond with the info you need.

AI Price is $99